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Inherit properties from part to drawing

Question asked by Eirik Sæther on Jan 17, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2013 by Pete Yodis
My scenario is as follows:

I'm in the prosess of implementing PDMWE and are currently making SW templates.

My part is created from a part template, containing certain property information.
When first saved, the data card for that part is shown, and im allowed to fill out certain fields. Among them Description.

In the drawing template i've added the code $PRPSHEET:"Description" meaning the text in that field will be collected from the inserted part description. However, im unable to find out how i can use this description in the drawing data card. If i simply use the CustomProperty attribute "Description" it will display the Drawing description value ($PRP:"Description") and not the inherited part description value.

Does anyone know if there is a CustomProperty attribute for $PRPSHEET codes, or can think of a way around this?

To clarify: I want the same description as i define in the part, to show on part, part properties, part data card, drawing block, and drawing data card.

Any viewpoints will be appreciated.

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