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    Width mate in CosmosMotion

    Shachar li
      Hi. I'm using an assy with a width mate, and as far as I see it, width mates do not translate into cosmosmotion. am I right on that? What's the workaround - using a distance mate?

      Thanks, Shawn.
        • Width mate in CosmosMotion
          Basil Gello
          Dear Shachar,

          Only the distance, concentric, coincident, inline, inplane mates can be translated into motion mates. This is the requirement of the ADAMS core which is used in Motion.

          Regards, Basil.
            • Width mate in CosmosMotion
              Ian Hogg
              HI Basil,

              I've not tested the mapping in 2008, but the majority of the mates in SolidWorks should map to joints in COSMOS.

              It is done by using ADAMS' GCON statment's to define the restrained degrees of freedom imposed by the geometric mates (tangent cylinder-sphere, and all the others).

              I do not believe the width mate was supported when it first came onto the scene, but it should be relatively simple to add.