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    Jan Ysrael Godinez
      Hi everyone.

      I know this may sound a bit basic.
      How can you print pdf using DWG Editor with all lines to print in black.
      what happens is that when rint to pdf all line colors stays the same. i need all lines to black.

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          William Dalpe

          Try this....when you go to print click on the "Advanced" tab. Under the Print Style Table select monochrome. That should take care of it. I hope this helps!
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              Rudy Escobar

              Great tip. Never thought about changing to monochrome. Such a simple solution.
              I am assuming you then have a printer option to generate the PDF.

              But what if I don't have the printer PDF option?

              I tried the PDF Out in DWGeditor, but it only creates the PDF in color only.
              Any ideas?

              Rudy E.
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