PDMW Ent 2008 Config

Discussion created by 1-A0UZN1 on Jan 16, 2008
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Here is the situation. I' am trying to implement in a new company PDMWorks Enterprise and SolidWorks 2008 premium Office. That's the easiest part. Now its seams that there is no recommendation about how configure all together.

Let Me explain.

1) ToolBox IN or OUT the vault ?
2) ToolBox Create parts and save as where or Config?
3) What is the Config when sharing Toolbox ( Part number added)
4) Design Library IN or OUT the vault ?
5) What is the Config when sharing Design Library
6) Routing Keep library local or in Vault (For For multi-config part)
7)How do we configure External References in Option
8)How do we configure Routing in Option
9)How do we configure Toolbox in Option

Hopefully I wont have to test all config one by one, of course we have info on every point I mentioned in help, but nothing to mate all this information together.