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    PDMW Ent 2008 Config


      Here is the situation. I' am trying to implement in a new company PDMWorks Enterprise and SolidWorks 2008 premium Office. That's the easiest part. Now its seams that there is no recommendation about how configure all together.

      Let Me explain.

      1) ToolBox IN or OUT the vault ?
      2) ToolBox Create parts and save as where or Config?
      3) What is the Config when sharing Toolbox ( Part number added)
      4) Design Library IN or OUT the vault ?
      5) What is the Config when sharing Design Library
      6) Routing Keep library local or in Vault (For For multi-config part)
      7)How do we configure External References in Option
      8)How do we configure Routing in Option
      9)How do we configure Toolbox in Option

      Hopefully I wont have to test all config one by one, of course we have info on every point I mentioned in help, but nothing to mate all this information together.

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          Jeff Sweeney
          I can't answer all nine, but here is my best shot...

          1) In the vault. PDMWE's interface with Toolbox is pretty good, wish it was better, but it beats having multiple sites with multiple toolboxes
          2) I think you have to create configurations for PDMWE compatibility
          4) I like the library in the vault. Thus it is searchble and everyone has access to the same library. Though I think there used to be some problems browsing the vault through the "Design Library" pane, don't know if they have been fixed yet.

          Wow, only three of nine...33% = F!
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              Joy Garon
              Hi Guys,

              Regarding Toolbox, I have spoken with folks who use different methods:
              1) Use the Create parts option and set the path to a folder in the vault
              2) Use the Config option and set the project path (as an Admin user) in the SolidWorks option
              3) Don't check in - leave outside in a shared location

              The downside to each is:
              1) you have a unique part file for each size
              2) harder for end users to understand
              3) folks who have access to the vault but don't have access to the share will not be able to get hardware.

              When I speak with VARs who have done implementations, they seem to prefer option 1....

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                  Glenn Wilkins
                  We have Workgroup and not Enterprise (so it may be different) and we use ToolBox "Create Part" to create all our fasteners and check them into the vault as individual parts with our part number and description on them.
                  This seemed like a sound idea as we were concerned about Toolbox stability since it is one big spreadsheet driven part (basically). However, correct me if I'm wrong Joy, but we've now taken away our ability to use Smart Fasteners that autosize to a hole expecially in Smart Components. Something, I'm now wishing we didn't do.
                  I believe that with some work you can set up toolbox with all your company part numbers and descriptions and then share the toolbox with everyone. The share part is what may be difficult with PDMWE.
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                      Joy Garon
                      Hi Glenn -

                      As I recall, (I haven't looked at it for awhile) you are correct about Smart Fasteners. I need to look at this again and see if it is still the case. But, in any event, it's a trade-off to consider.

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                          Glenn Wilkins
                          Will you be wearing your Pats gear on Sunday, Joy?
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                              Joy Garon
                              Hi Glenn -

                              I plan on wearing my Patriots fleece. It's low key and subtle.
                              The real bummer is that I'll be working while the game is being played. Kind of strange to be in the opponents house :-)

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