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    PDMW data input

      Hey all,

      Just joined the forum and I hope someone can give me some info on this.

      A little background:

      We have been using Autocrap, oops...sorry I mean Autocad for many years and we are finally going to move into to the wonderful world of solid modeling. We tried Solidworks back in 2001 but with the large assemblies we have, it didn't seem to function very well back then. So, it never got off of the ground. Now, they are trying it again full blown with PDMWorks.

      We have been using a home grown program to create and save our AC files. It allowes you to input data, such as title of the drawing, project number, size of drawing border, who created it, branch, and then select the folder in which it was to be saved. The program would then take that info and fill in the border, create the next drawing number and save the drawing where the operator specified.

      Does PDMWorks operate in a similar way? I mean does it offer some sort of interface to input data such as above, so you don't have to manually go and search for folders to save your file each time you create a part, assembly or drawing?

      Any help would be appreciated.

        • PDMW data input
          Valerie Williams
          You can put all of that in the file properties (File menu>properties). For parts and assemblies you have a "Custom" tab & a "Configuration Specific" tab. The values on the custom tab apply to all configs, & the config-specific tab properties apply separately to different configs. The drawings only have the custom tab.

          When you create your templates, you can preload the properties with the values and categories you want so they will be there each time. If you create drawing sheet templates from a file that has these properties in it, then the properties will get pulled into older drawing files when you update the template.

          Depending on what you want, a lot of the information can be auto-filled by using property codes (ex: $PRP:"SW-File Name" will automatically give you the file name of the document, sans file extension, and this information can automatically populate the title block, BOM tables, etc.

          Anything that goes into the document properties can be keyword-searched through PDM/Works.
            • PDMW data input

              Thanks for the reply! I understand how you can populate areas using custom properties, but how is the part saved. Does the designer create the new parts, assemblies, and drawings on his machine and when he is completed all drawings he moves them to the PDM server? I know this must sound pretty basic to most, but we are new at this and I am sure it will be explained to us at our upcoming meeting. I just wanted to get some insight on how things are done when using a PDM system.

              It would be nice when a designer starts a new part, if an interface would allow him/her to fill out all properties for that part, select a job directory on the server, and a check box if he/she wants to check the file out. Once all information is added, the file is then automatically save inside the PDM system with all custom properties attached and now he/she is creating a part that doesn't have to moved once it's completed.

              Maybe this is just wishful thinking, or maybe it isn't possible with a PDM system. I would appreciate any comments.

              Thanks again,