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    Split faces with multiple closed curves

    Vince Adams
      I've been trying to recall this tip for several months now and owe a handful of people some info on it. I finally asked the right people so I'm putting it out here for posterity...

      The Split Line feature only allows face splitting with a single closed curve. This can be extremely frustrating if you want to split with a pattern of closed curves.

      An alternate technique is the use the Insert > Feature > Wrap with the "Scribe" option. This allows a sketch with many closed, non-intersecting curves to split a face.

      Hope you find this useful!!

        • Split faces with multiple closed curves
          Matt Lombard
          This only works for limited types of faces (planar, cylindrical and conical)

          One way to do it that works for any type of face without the hassle of setting up a Wrap is to simply extrude the sketch you want to split with as a surface, then use the regular Split Line feature, with the Intersection option and select the multiple surface bodies to split with.