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    Predicting Spray Nozzle Performance

    B Gleeson
      My company currently uses SolidWorks. We are looking at improving the jet performance (cohesive jet over longer throw distances) of our spray heads by using more than just physical prototypes.

      In talking with our VAR, they informed us Floworks is capable of modeling the liquid flow through the device, but not once it enters the atmosphere. In general terms, is there a way to predict how cohesive a jet will be if we know the fluid's flow characteristics immediately before it enters the atmosphere?

        • Predicting Spray Nozzle Performance
          Basil Gello
          The problem of determination of every molecula's position in a fluid or gas stream is very large and difficult for solving, as far as I know. For example, when the petroleum-air double-phase stream's behavior in the internal combustion engine camera has been researched, it took 2 months on 64-processor HP to solve that task. So, if you want to get so precise results, you have to buy a large PC cluster and use special software designed onlyfor that purpose.

          If you want just to see the turbulence or a cone formed by the widening parts of fluid stream, you can just build a closed model of two joint cameras with a hole between them. In the first camera you have to put your gas or fluid, and in the another the athmosphere air or any other suitable environment. This way you maybe will get the trajectories of fluid after overcoming the hole. And finally, you can use the numeric methods, if you have enough time and patience to do that

          Regards, Basil.