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    Adding a Sheet 2 to a drawing

    Lamonte Bell
      I have a drawing template I've created for my company with our fomat. The problem I'm having is when I need a Sheet 2 the Sheet comes blank and I have to then bring in the format which by the way I'm defineing as the title block/boarder. As a block, I would like to just bring the sheet in just like when I start a new drawing. Thanks for any help
      LaMonte B.
        • Adding a Sheet 2 to a drawing
          Charles Culp
          You need to also save a drawing format, and set that to default. read the helpfiles for more information.

          Drawing Template > Drawing properties + drawing format

          Drawing Format > Everything you see when you right click and "edit sheet format"
            • Adding a Sheet 2 to a drawing
              Lamonte Bell
              Charles I'm having a hard time getting this to work. The help in SolidWorks is a bit vague on the subject of adding sheets. When you say save a drawing format are you saying just do a save as of my drawing template or sheet format or what. When I try to do a save as I do not see a option for saving a drawing format. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
                • Adding a Sheet 2 to a drawing
                  Mark Kaiser
                  I'll try a stab at this one...

                  This works for me (adding sheets w/my title block and options), and here's how I have it set up.

                  I have two files "a size.slddrt" and "a size.drwdot" in the location I store sheet formats and document templates. You create the slddrt by going to file, save sheet format, and the drwdot by file, save as, then changing your file type to drawing template. I put both of these files in the same location, then go to my system options and change my file locations for document templates and sheet formats to this folder.

                  Hopefully that gives you the clues you need to fix your setup.
                  • Adding a Sheet 2 to a drawing
                    Drew H
                    Under file you have 3 options to save, save as & save sheet format. You need to save the drawing template (.drwdot) and save the format of the same sheet.