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    CM Tabs too small

    Rich Osterreicher
      I may be wrong, but i thought i read in the forum that the Tab sizing was going to be addressed in SP2.. They are exactly the same as they were..
      I looked for a setting or something for CM tab Sizes.. But found nothing..
      Anyone have any info in this? These tabs are too dam small....
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          Jim Wilkinson
          Hi Rich,

          We did increase the tab height and text size slightly, but whether they are "too small" or not is relative. We did not add any sort of user control for it. Can you tell me what screen resolution and screen size you use?
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              Rich Osterreicher
              Screen Size is 19"
              Res is 1280 x 1024..

              What exactly do you mean "Slightly"
              They look the same... To me at least.. and my eye's are nowhere near perfect...
              Main problem i have with the size of them is that they are so darn small and i am constantly overshooting them with the cursor..
              So. it takes me an extra second or so each and every time i go to click a tab to watch it closely and make sure i'm actually on it..
              Well.. That extra second.. compounded a few hundred or so times a day adds up to a LOT of lost time simply becasue the tabs are small"Hard to Hit"
              Would have been perfect if there was a simple setting/option for tab size..
              Afterall, there is a setting/option for "Large Icons" in the customize/options page.. Why not an option for "Large Tabs"

              Thanks for the Update.
              I Appriciate it..
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                  Rob Jensen
                  i know this isn't a answer to your problem, but i have the "use large buttons with text" and i like it.

                  in 2007 i just had the icons. i also just use the CM and no other toolbars, so maybe this isn't a good solution for you.

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                      Rich Osterreicher
                      Hi Rob,
                      I was thinking that too.. But the Icon size is not really the prob..
                      When i set it to Large Icons.. I can only see about half of them...

                      Thanks though
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                          Rich Osterreicher
                          What needs to be set to make the Tabs "Slightly" bigger?
                          I'm looking at 2 SW08 installs here.. Mine next to coworker's
                          One is SP2.0, other is SP1.1
                          Both 19" screens.. Both set to 1280 x 1024..
                          The CM tabs look identical..
                          Measuring them on screen with a ruler (Cheesy I know).. They measure about the same...
                          So that's why i asked what exactly is "Slightly"?
                          Are they only a few pixel's bigger or ??

                          Just wondering about it.. What do i need to do to actually make them bigger?
                          How does it need to be set to make any difference?
                          Besides making my screen 1024 x 768 that is...

                          Does anyone else notice any difference in tab size??
                          Or maybe i'm going blind??
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                              Paul Lemke
                              You are not going blind they do look the same size. My problem is that they did not do the reverse of what they are doing. The selected tab is larger than the rest when the selected tab should be smaller than the rest. Depression makes it smaller than the unselected so that the others are easier to switch to. Come to think of it, I think that they might have made the selected tab larger which is not what we wanted. The other tabs should be larger.

                              I wish I had a can and a set of virtual online bars.
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                                  Rich Osterreicher
                                  Thanks for the re-assurance on my eyesight Paul..
                                  Yeah, that'd be nice if the selested one got smaller instead of bigger..
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                                      John Nemeth
                                      The tabs _are_ larger now in SP 2.0. In my estimation about 15-20% larger than before. This makes the difference for me.
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                                          Paul Lemke
                                          Is there some setting that you have to turn on? This is what I get with two seperate installs one at 1.1 and one at 2.0. I don't see the 20%. Notice john we are not talking about buttons we are talking about TABS.
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                                              Rich Osterreicher
                                              As it is, the TABS measure 4.84mm tall on my screen.
                                              That's with Dell 19" screen set at 1280 x 1024..

                                              4.84mm seems awfully small to me..
                                              So, if it's 4.84mm WITH 20% size increase. That means the TABS in SP1.1 are 4.03mm tall.. Co-worker not on hand to re-measure SP1.1 right now....
                                              Can someone verify?

                                              So anyway.. All this overhauling the UI stuff is to make is more like Wiondows & office, etc.. I beleive that's what was stated in other post's concerning the UI change...
                                              So let's see..
                                              Well, Internet Explorer TABS are similar to SW tabs.. Internet Explorer's TABS measure 8.62mm WOW that's a LOT bigger than SP2.0's "improved " tabs measuing in at 4.84.... Personally, Int Exp's 8.62mm tabs work great for me. Not too big, yet they are easy hit...

                                              Just really wish there was a setting for the size preference..
                                              I put in an ER for it too... In the customize dialog. have a setting like "CM Tab Size: Small, Medium or Large" Going by measurments, Maybe make Small 4mm, Medium 6mm and large 8mm.. or even have a lil data box, like what you get for Font Size.. Then a user can enter in the exact size they want them..
                                              There's obviously a reg key or ? somewhere that dictates the size of them.. Why not make it a user definable setting..
                                              A user pereference for something.. What a Concept!! That's the only way you'll please everyone...
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                              Paul Lemke
                              We recently had a user meeting here in Colorado and one of the guys had a good idea. He basically said that with addition of the "S" key he just shut off the command manager altogether and used the S key. I have been trying to adapt to the current command manager but without the "size flip" (where the tabs you are not using are bigger, see earlier post) I think I am just going to leave the command manager off. This also gives me a little bit more room on screen as well.
                                • CM Tabs too small
                                  Rich Osterreicher
                                  Is there a way to turn Off the Tab scrolling?
                                  I admit, i'm sloppy with mouse control..
                                  I am constantly scrolling thru the tabs by accident..
                                  Got to do with partially usable, re-attached finger resting on mousewheel...
                                  This also affects my sub-parability to hit the itty bitty tabs..
                                  Except for the enlarged current tab.. But that's pointless because i'm already there..