Pete Farnham

Drawings need re-saving after opening!

Discussion created by Pete Farnham on Jan 15, 2008
sw2008 office pro sp 1.1

Drawings need re-saving when using "My" templates, but only if a second sheet is added!

I tried using a sw20008 template and this needs a rebuild, even if only one sheet is used and there is nothing on the sheet, strange!

This happens on three different machines, different specs etc..

Where this becomes a problem is Pdmworks, as all drawings, are seen as changed and needs to be checked-in as new revision, (life cycle and revisions in use).
BUT nothing has been changed, by myself, only by Solidworks.
Ctrl Q and save only works until the drawing is closed. Once the drawing is re-opened a change is detected and a save request is issued!

Solidworks, any helpful suggestions?????