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    Material For Structural Steel

    Pedro Nunes
      hi all,

      i'm trying to analyse a beam in structural steel " T " form (T120), for a suspended service lift.

      I just want to know any advices about what material in cosmos library is near the properties of structural steel in Europe. i think in europe we use DIN 1025-1 but i'm not shure.
      i'm new in structures materials so any help will be fantastic.
      Many thanks in advance.
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          Vince Adams
          Hi Pedro, I'd suggest that you research the exact properties you need (Should be available on the Internet in some database...) and input them as a custom property. Then you aren't reliant on "close enough" as you would be with only library materials.

          • Material For Structural Steel
            Pedro Nunes
            thanks for your response...
            i have been searching and i found that the most common material for the structural steel is the BSEN 10025 S275JR, the equivalence in ASTM is A570 grade 36, so i used www.matweb.com that gives me the exactly mechanical properties of the ASTM 570 grade 36. The most dificult part was find that the most comon is BSEN 10025 S275JR.

            I still have some doubts about why the BSEN 10025 S257 wans't in matweb.com list... how should i search for it?

            many thanks for your help...
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              Pedro Nunes
              hi, great information... many thanks.
              Yeah i think the 5 and 7 are swapped. I after doing a huge study about this case, i have contacted 3 suppliers of structural steel which have told me the most common material used and certified in Europe for these elements are the S275JR, by the EN10025.

              More details about this material and mechanical properties can be found here for example and how you can see in this table there is no record of any S257 :S