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    Post-buckling analysis at Cosmos

    Jakub Kasprzak
      Hi everybody,

      I wonder if it is possible to run post-buckling analysis at COSMOS Advanced Proffesional.

      I've already started using the non-linear solvers static and dynamic. When I control the force calculations stop when buckling occures that I think is the result of some singularites. It allows me to find the buckling (critical) load however do not show the buckling mode.

      I've started control the load by arc-length basing on the information presented in Cosmos Tutorials and sometimes go further with the load. However, I still have problems with interpreting the results. Is the decrease of the load means buckling? It not always very sharp decrease as I expected from real-life experiments.

      I know it is a very difficult subject but I'd would be grateful for any comments and suggestions.

      PS. My interests are cold-formed thin-walled beams but also rotomoulded tanks made of polyethylene