Driving Assemblies from Equations

Discussion created by Guest on Sep 13, 2006
I am wondering if in your main assembly you could have a layout sketch with a basic rectangle with the two dimensions that you wish to control. Build your model around the layout sketch. The it is a matter of going into the model and updating the one sketch.

I suspect once you have that built, some custom programming could be done to control the model with a couple input boxes or some kind of configurator type program. Check out the SolidWorks partner RuleStream on the SolidWorks Partner page.



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on 2006 13 09:19 dje wrote:
> This is a follow-up to a thread of July 25th that I found, which was "Is it
> possible to create a parameter that drives a part without having to use a design
> table? Example: I want to create a parameter of "width" and have the part length
> equal 'width' - 20mm."
> I'd like to know if it is possible to take that further in assemblies. We
> would like to create an assembly of a window frame, in which all of the
> component lengths could be driven by inputting values for "Width" and "Height"
> in the assembly. A design table isn't practical since the length could be any
> 1/8" increment between 16" and 109". I'd love to be able to type the 2 values
> in somewhere, and have the head, sill, jambs, etc. all update to the proper
> lengths. Am I asking too much of the software? Does this require programming
> (I know zero in that area)? Any suggestions are appreciated.