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using force to tip over an object

Question asked by Andrew Thompson on Jan 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2008 by Ian Hogg
Got another newbie question:

I'd like to test various table designs to see how much force is required to tip it over. I've set up a few simulations in cosmosmotion but am getting seemingly inconsistent results.

Here's my setup:

1. fixed part acting as the floor
2. the table design (either multibody part or an assembly)
3. gravity applied downward and normal to the floor plane
4. force applied downward and normal to a specific area of the table top
5. 3d contact between the floor and the table base (or in the case of the multipart body, the entire body). I've tried this several different ways, using material settings, friction, etc. and also by just setting the elasticity of the interaction.


Sometimes it works; other times the table will pass through the floor, not totally freely, but more like dropping a table through jello.

Any ideas? I'm sure I'm overlooking stuff.

Thanks again.