Martin Wrann

Modify Configurations

Discussion created by Martin Wrann on Jan 14, 2008

As you can see (attatched pictures), the "Modify Configurations" Window is fairly small. The height is not the (main) problem, the fields (columns?) "Configurations" are driving me nuts - they are (horizontically) just to small for our filenames :-(

I have to extend (?) the fields manually everytime.

Now you could say: use shorter names for your configs, haha ;-)
Just kidding.

Is it possible that SWX automatically notices the width of the table? Maybe not now, but with an upcoming SP? Or is there just hidden, ominous setting i ran over?

I can live with scrolling up and down the window or extending it to full length, but extending the colums everytime is just §$%&#.

Please, I'm really going mad some day, this is the only thing i don't like about SWX :-(