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2008 IM and image upgrade

Discussion created by Tony Shepherd on Jan 11, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2008 by Jason Capriotti
I have been trying for several days to get IM to work the way that I want. I need to have several different installation configurations. In the past I had created different .ini files and modified the .htm file to show custom button for each type of install. It appears that this can be done by editing the .xml files. I have sucessfully been able to create a SP0.0 image from the DVD, upgrade to SP1.1 by initiating from the SW website and automatically upgrade a client install to SP1.1. I thought that I would pass along what I know. I may find something different as I get further into it, but this is what I know of of now.

1. When upgrading an image to a new service pack there are a few things to keep in mind. The UNC location of the new or existing image is the folder of the current image that you want to upgrade. A smaller dialog box will popup asking for the location of the new SP image. Enter a new folder name different from the existing image folder. If the new folder does not exist it will be created. The location of files needed to do the installation is asking to either download them or if they have previously been downloaded, for the location of the download. The existing image will be copied over to the new folder and then updated to the new service pack. New .XML and .HTA files will be created with the options that were specified in this instance of IM.

2. To make the clients auto update to the new SP, rename the old image folder to something different. Then rename the new image folder to the same name as was used for the old image. Copy all of the .XML and .HTA files from the old folder to the new. Since these were configured to point to the old folder name they wil still work but the image files will be at the new SP level. When the client starts SW it will look at the original installation folder but will find a new version. The IM will start and will update the client. The old image folder can be deleted if not needed.