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2008 Admin Image Problems

Question asked by David Hales on Jan 11, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2008 by David Hales
I am trying to get everything in place so that we can upgrade SW 2008 in the near future. I am having problems creating an Admin Image from the SW2008 DVD. At first, it appears that the install is working. After a few minutes I get error13. (see attached files)

If I click Retry, the same message appears. When I click Ignore I get error22.

No matter how many times I click Retry or Ignore, this same box appears. When I finally do hit Abort, I get error31.

The first time I attempted to create the Admin Image, I was placing the image on the network. On my second attempt, I placed the image on my local drive. Both attempts ended the same way. Anti-Virus was off on both attempts. I attempted from another PC with the AV off, and received the same type of error messages. Then I copied the full DVD to a folder on my hard drive and I didn't have any problems. Then I tried to create the Admin Image from that copied folder and the same type of error happened.

I have installed SW2008 from the DVD to a single PC and had success. It is just when the Admin Image is being created that the problem occurs.

Can someone please help.