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Wire grid into sheetmetal

Question asked by Gary Garrison on Jan 11, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2008 by Gary Garrison
The company I work for makes welded wire grid products. We are looking into making a support base that will be formed into the shape in the attached picture.

I have tried using sheetmetal off and on in the last couple of years for our products, but I have not had tremendous luck getting the results I want.

I thought this would work but I wasn't able to get it to rebuild after more than an hour of 100% CPU crunching I gave up. What I tried first was to take the flat and bend it to the needed shape. I then rolled back the features to cut my grid shape into it (before the bends), then pattern the extruded-cut to fill the flat extrusion. The final product is a flat sheet with rectangular holes. There are no inserted fillets or any other features. (the cut grid took 3-5 minutes to update the sketch pattern each time) Then I roll-forward to activate the sheetmetal features one at a time. The first bend is the one that locked-up SW07 sp5.

Is this even possible to do before I waste any more time on it? Or is this a case of my P4 2.8 being totally inadequate for the calculations?