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Rebuilding stuck in infinite loop

Discussion created by Joe Rochinski on Jan 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2008 by Anna Wood
I'm working on a rather complicated assembly with a lot of features defined in context of other parts, including a couple of weldments. In order to produce 2D drawings for these weldments, i've used the save bodies command to save the individual weldment pieces in their own part files to be imported into the drawings. I've also utilized the as welded/as machined derived configurations on each of these parts. Long story short, I've got a lot of files that are VERY interdependant on one another.

Every once in a while when I rebuild the assembly, the program will get stuck in a loop where it repeatedly rebuilds the same features over and over. I've seen it eventually work to a solution after several minutes before, but most of the time this goes on for longer than I have the patience for and I have to kill the program in task manager.

I'm wondering 1) is this a common issue? If so, 2) what are some good practices to use to avoid this situation besides avoiding in-context parts?