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    Sharing drawings between two assemblies

    Ben Froese
      I have two different assemblies, they both share parts/sub-assemblies. I have made the drawings for one assembly and starting on the second, is it possible to grab drawings that I've finished already and insert them into the new batch of drawings?

      Please let me know if it's possible, this would save me about a day's work per assembly 'cause I'm sure we all know what it means when the boss says "git r done".
        • Sharing drawings between two assemblies
          Charles Culp
          You can copy Drawing Views between drawings. Select the View in the Feature Tree, and CTRL-C to copy. Then CTRL-V to paste in the other drawing.

          Is that what you are asking?
            • Sharing drawings between two assemblies
              Rodney Hall
              There are many ways to reuse work in Solidworks...
              If you create a filename1.sldprt and then create a filename1.slddrw you should not ever need a second separate drawing for filename1.sldprt.
              However, if you open filename1.sldprt and filename1.slddrw then "saveas copy" each of these to become filename2.sldprt and filename2.slddrw. Now filename2.sldprt is an exact copy but the filename2.slddrw will still reference filename1.sldprt! To remedy this do the following: Select File, Open for filename2.slddrw and pick the references button. Click to browse for filename2.sldprt to change the part that the drawing refers to.
              Now you could edit filename2 files without affecting filename1 files.
              This works for assemblies also.