Rich Hillard

SW2008 / Toolbar jumping while moving

Discussion created by Rich Hillard on Jan 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2008 by Charles Culp
Hey guys, been reading through the forums and I found a few issues that are similar, but not the same as what I am experiencing.

I am trying to move my toolbars around along the top, but when I drag it to where I want it and release the mouse, nothing happens for about 3 seconds. When it does finally move, it doesn't show up anywhere near where I dropped it, most often dropping to a second line and a few inches off to the side. It's delayed and incorrectly positioned.

I am running SW2008 SP01.1. I thought it may have been video card drivers so I updated them but it did not help in anyway.

The odd part is when I have someone remote into the PC to see it happen, it smoothes out and works perfectly.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas I would really appreciate it.