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New System....Look OK?

Question asked by Mark Henrichs on Jan 9, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2008 by Anna Wood
Here are the specs I've curretly picked for a new Dell T3400 Workstation....
Considering I'm a moderate user (no huge assemblies) how does it look?

I currently don't have a monitor picked, but am planning on a 22" widescreen.
The one offered from dell is:
Ultrasharp 2208 FPW VGA/DVI w/adj stand
($339 w/system, but on sale for $275 when pur separatly)
Reviews I read were mixed.....Anyone have comments on this monitor for SW?

System Details:

Inteltm Core®2 Duo E6550 (2.33GHz/1333MHz/4MB L2) 525W
Genuine Windows® XP Professional, SP2 with Media
PCIe x16 nVidia Quadro FX1700, Dual Monitor DVI Cable
Mini-Tower Chassis Configuration
2GB, 800MHz, DDR2 SDRAM Memory, ECC (2 DIMMS)
16X DVD+/-RW w/ Cyberlink PowerDVDtm and Roxio Creatortm Dell Ed
C1, All SATA, NO RAID for 1 Hard Drive
80GB SATA, 10K RPM Hard Drive with 16MB DataBurst Cachetm
No Monitor
NTFS File System
My Accessories
USB Entry Quietkey, No Hot Keys
Dell USB 2-Button Mechanical Mouse with Scroll
No Floppy Drive
Dell A225 Two Piece Stereo System
Dell Data/Fax PCI Modem

(Cost w/o monitor is $1,822)

One thing I'm not familiar with are the "Raid" choices and whether they can be changed later.