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Lofted Bend doesn't produce proper flat pattern

Question asked by Tom Drill on Jan 9, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2008 by Roland Schwarz
I hope someone has some insight on this issue. This is an issue in both 06 and 07.

I have attached a part file of a lofted bend funnel. The bottom sketch is a profile in a 3D sketch. Using a K factor of .5, the neutral fiber is in the middle of the material. When the part is flattened, the flat pattern should be of the neutral fiber. This works for any sheetmetal I do that isn't a lofted bend using a 3D sketch. For this funnel part however, it is not showing the neutral fiber of the part in the flat pattern.

If you measure the 3D sketch (outside of bottom), the arc length is 21.312". When the part is flattened, that arc length is still 21.312 when is should be 21.156". This is a big deal for us because these incorrect flat patterns are not forming up to match the models and so the funnel is not mating correctly to sheetmetal funnel it gets welded to.

Any info about this problem or suggested workarounds are greatly appreciated.

Also, I am noticing that if you do an 'edit feature' on the lofted bends, the 'bend line control' does not always show up. I have some funnel models where is does show up and some (like the one attached to this message) which do not.