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    drawing complexity

    todd raymond bradley
      i design chassis for various vehicles. The question is when i want to create a drawing view, i end up spending hours hiding various componants to get the view i require. Is there any way to simply import components i want for a certian view without importing the entire assembly? ( the components obviously need to be in the correct place for measurment accuracy for the manufacturer). I hope that makes sense.
        • drawing complexity
          Tim Koritz

          Try using display states. They are similar to configurations but instead of suppressing components you are hiding them. On the insertion of your assembly, go to component properties and select the display state that you have created.

            • drawing complexity
              Pete Yodis
              Ditto to Tims Reply. Use display states on your assembly model to show the product as you will want it on your drawing. On your drawing view, reference the dsiplay state with that model. Display states have MUCH less overhead than configurations on the model and can easily and quickly be changed/edited. You can blend all types of view styles for your components (hidden, transparent, shaded, shaded with edges, hidden lines remived, wireframe, etc...)