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Pack & Go problem?

Discussion created by Declan McTiernan on Jan 9, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2019 by Thirumurugan Rajan
Hi All,
I had a few comments/complaints from the rest of the guys in our design office in relation to file reference issues when an Project (ie. a top level assembly) is copied using Pack & Go. The top level assembly file is selected when in SW Explorer and all files and drawings are checked to be copied. A new location is selected and the project number is changed using "Select/Replace".

All files are then copied and renamed to the new location, however, a few times upon opening the top level assembly of the freshly copied project all files are still referencing their original components even though the copied and renamed files are all present in the new location. Also we have had issues with equations in the copied projects and components not updating correctly ie. still referencing the original files also.

We are using SW2007 SP4.0 and SP5.0 and we all have seen this issues a few times.

Has anybody else experienced any similar file referencing issues on copied assemblies/components/equations.