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SW and PDMWE 2008 Updated - File version updating woes.

Question asked by Spencer Smith on Jan 8, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2008 by Spencer Smith
Using PDMWE 2008 - just upgraded. We have production parts, R&D, tooling and fixtures in PDM. When I open a fixture assembly to edit or create a new fixture, the production part or assembly is usually referenced for fitment. These referenced parts are all v2007 and SW wants to update them but it can't since they aren't checked out (side note - SW 2008 doesn't remember the "don't tell me this again" checkbox when you save and select "cancel", so you have to press "cancel" for every single 2007 file referenced that is not checked out).

I have no desire to check the production parts out - as a matter of fact, I would have to check out, save, then go through the approval process every time I save an assembly with 2007 files referenced, involving people from all ends of the company to approve a CAD file version update. Pretty silly, eh?

1. Update all 2007 files in PDM to v2008 - either by bulk or one assembly at a time. Very time consuming, and a waste of time for all individuals in the workflow.
2. Ignore the file version updates - only update when the production parts are undergoing a change. We will be pressing "cancel" until the cows come home.
3. PDMWE developers get savvy to the fact that version updates become troublesome for those of us who use PDM and give us some type of behaviour "mode", like "I realize that I am opening referenced files that are read-only, quit hasseling me about it" checkbox.
4. ??? Any suggestions?

How are others handling this?