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    Saving user settings

    Carey Chang
      Is there a way I can save my user settings like customized toolbars, quick keys, options, etc.? I've had to redo my settings after I got them just the way I like them and I dread having to do it again. So far, I'm still using 2007 and I have a reinstall scheduled in the near future. Not to mention when my company finally changes over to 2008, I'll have to do it again!

      My best bet was to take a screenshot of my settings so I can just reset everything to the way it was manually. I know it sounds desperate, but anything to save me a day's worth of unproductive tedium!

        • Saving user settings
          Neal Rusy
          Go to your save setting wizard in your start menu- Start, All Programs, SW, SW tools save settings follow the instructions
            • Saving user settings
              Carey Chang
              That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for saving me the time and trouble!
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                  Charles Culp

                  Also, you are in luck. I just installed 2008, and it automatically took all my settings from 2007, and used those in 2008. So when you go to upgrade, you don't need to worry too much about that. The bad news? You're probably going to want to change everything after the upgrade anyway.
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                      Wayne Tiffany
                      As a general rule, I try not to just install a newer version on a machine when I know there are major changes. For example, when I install 2008 on a machine that already has 2007, I will uninstall 2007 first and also clean out the registry. Then install 2008, then reinstall 2007 if need be. Or just wipe the machine and start over.

                      In the case of 2008, there are things that have changed that will be biased by a 2007 installation, and I feel it's worth the time and trouble to do it that way. That way down the road when I uninstall the older version, the newer stuff is in the correct, current places.

                      I also do not want my settings carrying over automatically. I first go through all the settings on a clean install to see what's changed and how I want to set things. Some of the newer settings that are available each time may prompt me to make other changes. If I always carry everthing forward, there is a good chance I won't know about the new stuff. I also don't want the liability of carrying something detrimental forward - I would rather start clean each time.