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Good old interface in Motion 2008, where are you...

Question asked by Basil Gello on Jan 8, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2008 by Basil Gello
Hello to everybody!

I have just migrated to the new Motion 2008 and now I'm slightly embarrassed by the new interface related to the Motion integration with the SW core. I understood that the good old mechanism tree is over except the files that were created using the previous Motion issues. Also I don't understand why does the "Export to MSC.ADAMS" option does not work (again except the old files where the mechanism tree is present in the visible state). For me it is clear now that SW Corp. takes much more money for the less functional software, and even without help files (I've checked the last available distribution package from the SW website, it still contains no help at all). So, maybe for the fellow Motion users it would be right to ask the SW management to return back the mechanism tree as a second (advanced) mode in COSMOSMotion future service packs? Or I'm missing something related to new help and whats-news' for COSMOS2008? Please everybody who experiences the same problems, share your solutions of the described troubles.

Regards, Basil.