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Connect points sequentially from two different linear patterns automatically

Question asked by Stephen Jackson on May 25, 2016


I'm trying to make tubes cut into a solid in the pattern of a truncated cone (think of a wasp nest kind of). I've made a linear pattern of 8x8 points in a 10x20 area, and then a linear pattern of 8x8 points in a 4x4 area. I want to put construction lines from point (1,1) in the 10x20 area to point (1,1) in the 4x4 area and so on through 64. I'm doing this so I can define the direction of the circular cut/extrusion from the larger area to the smaller area.


Is there a way to put construction lines in automatically without going point by point 64 times, or did I create my own sort of hell with this model?


I'd also take suggestions on a better way of doing this.


Thanks for the help!