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rocking chair simulation

Question asked by Andrew Thompson on Jan 8, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2008 by Andrew Thompson

Absolute newbie to cosmotion here. I'd like to use simulation to test the movement of various rocking chair designs, in particular I'd like to find out how each design will sit at rest after rocking (that is how leaned-forward or leaned back)--no weight in the chair.

So far I've set up an assembly that includes my rocking chair (or substitute arc) and a platform acting as the floor.

I've set a tangent mate between the face of the floor and the bottom face of the rocker. I begin the simulation with the chair tilted back (or forward) and let gravity and various 3dcontact setups do their thing.

Problem is the system does not seem to come to a rest. The rocking movement slows quickly at first, but then seems top plateau-out and maintain a sort of consistent wiggle from there on.

Any ideas about how I might better set this up to get more realistic results?