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SW2008 x64 - Sticky FILE,VIEW,TOOL, INSERT etc etc Menu

Question asked by j s on Jan 8, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2008 by j s
Searched to see if if this problem has occured elsewhere but found nothing, so apologies if I've asked the questioned again.

does anybody elses 'flyout' FILE,VIEW, INSERT et etc menu behave in a jittery manner.

Mine flies out OK and I can 'pin' it in position but then when I move the mouse over it to select FILE or any of the others on the list it becomes very jittery and jams my machine for 10 -20 seconds.

Using the correct video driver from the SW site.

Is there a workaround which gets these FILE, VIEW, Insert, Tools, Toolbox, ect anywhere else?

I've checked the BIOS - it is the latest available from DELL, who deny any compatibility problem with SW2008.

I've checked my file locations and prefernaces and they are all standard and OK

Any other thoughts