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Is it possible to get the length of sheet metal bend with vba?

Question asked by Evan Dlugopolski on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by Evan Dlugopolski

Hello all,


Are there any VBA/API experts out there who would know how to get the 'length' of a bend line? 


Ideally the code would be robust enough to consider all different types of sheet metal features...edge bends, swept flanges, converted solids, etc.    I am thinking the bend lines sketch under the flat pattern feature would be the best place to find this.  However, the ultimate goal of my macro is to find the length of each bend, do a calculation, and update bend info (radius) depending on this length.


I have attached two simple, one more complex. 


With the simple example I would want to get the length of the bend line from the "bend-lines2" sketch, do a calculation, and then update the kfactor & radius in the "edge bend" sub feature.


In the more complex example, I would want to get the length of the bend lines from the "bend-lines2" sketch (or "sharp-sketch1", or each individual sharp bend) and then do a calculation on each individual bend using its length, and finaly update each SharpBend features radius based on what the length of that bend is.



I am somewhat experienced with VBA in SolidWorks and have attached what I have done so far but this one way outside my capabilities...any takers? lol


Thank you!