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    Hole wizard problems

    Randy Siron

      I'm running SW 2014 and have seven configurations. I have different size bolt circle diameters in each configuration. When I change the dimension in one configuration it will change the same dimension in one, two, or three of the other configurations even though I have the box checked "For this configuration only"

      Any ideas or help is appreciated.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Click on the Hole Wizard feature in the tree (or double-click if you don't have Instant 3d turned on) to show the dimensions in the graphics area.  Right-click on the one you want to set and choose "Configure Dimension" from the drop-down.



          That will bring up a simplified design table.



          It will have a row for each configuration.  You can edit the value for each configuration as needed.  You can also create new configurations from this table.  If you'll give it a name at the bottom you can save it for later editing, but even if you don't do that the changes you make there will stay.