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    Jessica Bartels
      What is the fastest and best way to create a section view that is a .001" slice of a 500 part (large) assembly without ending up with a large drawing file size in the end?

      Usually when I take an assembly and make a drawing and do partial sections through the large assembly, the section views do not update correctly, my computer bogs down, and the section view file takes for ever to open or do anything.
      It takes a long time just to create one section view, the drawing file with the section view becomes a large file, and the section views don't always display properly. Some views show 50% of the components in the section even with show cut bodies only turned off.

      so I am trying to figure out what is the best way to do section views to know whether I am going about it the wrong way, and the fastest way so that I know if that is just how it works or if I am missing some important information.

      I can't believe the section views are supposed to work the way they do for me.

      1 sheet
      minimum of 10 section views and a
      top down view of a 500 part assembly

      Each drawing view then has a detail view

      I will have to check and see if I have any drawings currently that I can post.
      Hello Everyone, I am still trying to ask the correct person about what files I can put on here and what files I can't...

      But in the mean time,
      I have tried and used both methods in the assembly and in the drawing. I can make them, however both take anywhere from 5-20 minutes to produce a section view and they don't always display the way they should.

      When I open a drawing that has 10 to 12 of these section views on it,
      I get a message that I don't have enough ram or that my page file is not big enough or that the amount I am trying to process is too big for the amount I have.
      When I can open a drawing with this many section views on it, it takes 30min. or better. Not very productive for the time I am allowed for detailing. I find it hard to believe that section views really use this much process and memory and that the drawing normally takes this long to open.

      I began trying to make sub assemblies and then do individual drawings of the sub-assemblies, however it took a while 5-10min. to make a sub assembly and then save it. Let alone spend time to create the drawing and section view.

      How long does it take for each of you to do a section view?
      Or is the time it takes me to do a section view the same as it takes you?

      It is difficult for me to believe that this is how long it takes to do a section view.
      Therefore, I am trying to find other ways that work better or faster to do a section view, or
      I am trying to understand what I might be doing differently,
      what is set differently on my computer than yours.
      If there is no better way, then I guess there is no better way.
      However, then I am responsible to create or make a better way.

      My page file has also been set to the largest amount that it can be.

      I have tried creating section views with the different options in the section view box checked and not checked.

      is it better to suppress or hide items in a part to make a simplified configuration?

      I will post an image today. I am pretty busy could be later in the day.

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          Eddie Cyganik

          Not quite sure what you mean or are attempting to do.

          A 500 part assembly is a 500 part assembly. If a .001 slice cuts through all of the parts then you have a section view with 500 parts in section. If this is true, then a slice at a depth of 1 inch, 10 inches or .00001 inches would not matter.

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              Anna Wood

              Can you post complete info on what version and SP of SolidWorks you are using and also your computer specs. See mine or Eddie's signatures for ideas.

              You can add this to the signature in your forum profile.

              Sometimes I will make assembly level cuts and save as a configuration to use in my drawings. I however to not take a thin cut. If I want to see the middle of the assembly from a particular viewing angle, I will cut away the entire portion in front of it.

              How many sheets and views are your typical drawings? Do you show the assembly and all the details in one drawing file?

              Can you give a bit more detail on the type and complexity of your drawings. Maybe an example image file so we can give you some advice.


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                  Dan Riffell
                  I'm on the same page as Anna. I find it faster and easier to make my section views in the assembly rather that in the drawing you can do it as Anna suggested or you can use the Section View tool and pick Save Section. Sometimes you have to create planes, but I think the assembly steps are worth it. Plus you get more info packed into your assembly, and you can view the sections without having the drawing file open.
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                      Rob Jensen
                      I also make simplified comfigurations of parts. That has help us becuase a lot of folks put way too much detail on a fitting that you really aren't going to see in a large assembly.

                      Just another idea.
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                        Andy Sanders
                        Give this a try:
                        Tools-->Options-->System Options-->Drawings

                        Check the setting called "Automatically hide components on view creation"

                        This should reduce the amount of parts shown in your section views.
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                            Eddie Cyganik

                            The only automatic way to lessen the burden of large drawings is to do as Andy is suggesting. Other than that, Lightweight Drawings & Assemblies, Large Assembly Mode, Configurations and Display States are some of the tools that SolidWorks provides. The problem is that each one needs to be learned in order to determine which ones will improve your performance.

                            I would suggest you work with your VAR or a consultant to help you work through your option.

                            In the end, no amountof SWAP Space is going to help, as swapping to disk is using the slowest pipieline in your computer.

                            If as you say, "...However, then I am responsible to create or make a better way.", then what you need to investigate is the 64 bit operating system which will allow for much more RAM than 32 bit.
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                                Jessica Bartels
                                We did get a 64bit machine, supposed to be top of the line (super computer), to try it out and see if that would fix our problems, however this computer still is taking about 5 minutes per section view and once I get up to the 6th or 7th section view it just runs. This computer has a dual core processor and each processor has two processors of its own.
                                When I opened the file on there, sometimes it would not open and the views were still not displaying correctly.
                                It would take anywhere from 30min. on up to open.
                                When changing a property of a section view 5-10 minutes.
                                When opening, the cpu usage was only maxing out 1 out of 4 processors and the total amount of ram needed was 2.0 gb.
                                Total ram on this computer is 16gb.
                                It was even using enough to start swaping files like you say, but still having issues with the drawings.

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                                    Eddie Cyganik

                                    With that kind of setup, you should not be having the problems that you are. There has to be something wrong with the assembly and the number one culprit usually is interference.

                                    Have you run an interference check on all components?

                                    I would try that first. If nothing is interfering, then I'd send the entire assembly & drawing off to your VAR and SolidWorks.

                                    Big Edit: Are you working over a network?
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                                      Eddie Cyganik

                                      How is it that you marked this question as answered by: Rob Jensen?

                                      Is it in fact answered?
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                                          Jessica Bartels
                                          Yes I am working over a network,
                                          but tried it locally and the same thing.
                                          Not the network.

                                          I hit it by accident while scrolling, is there a way to mark it unanswered?
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                                              Jessica Bartels
                                              These forums have become my third link to answers,
                                              currently Solidworks has the file,
                                              and I have some updating to do with some files they sent back to me.

                                              I have been working with my vendor rep to get to a solution,
                                              and my computer manager here has been trying to do as much as he can,
                                              but so far we have not come up with any answers.

                                              Usually when I post something on here it is because my vendor says solidworks can't do it,
                                              or because we haven't found an answer yet.
                                              I don't know where else to look for answers - I am still trying to find other resources.
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                                                  Dwight Livingston

                                                  To your question earlier, I believe it is better to suppress items when making a simplified subassembly. The way we do it, we make a simplified configuration and use that in the higher level assembly.

                                                  It would help to see one of your drawings, but I can understand why your company would not want to show it here. Shy of that, perhaps you could describe how you are creating your sections. I don't know that it will help, but someone here might catch something.

                                                  The normal way we work, we'd create that plan view, sketch a straight line where we want a section, select the line, then insert a section view. Once that is positioned, we'd draw another straight line on the plan view and repeat the process until we've got all the sections done. Is that how you are proceeding?

                                                  Do your assemblies have many fasteners, and are you not sectioning those?

                                                  Are you using the material section lines or something else?

                                                  Does your assembly have just one configuration?
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                                                  Eddie Cyganik

                                                  Couple of notes & thoughts:

                                                  I'm a bit suprized that you get the same performance locally & over the network. More reason to believe that there is something going on with the assembly itself. If your VAR is no help, find another in your area if you can. And I would still send your data to SolidWorks.

                                                  ...also, as Anna said, can you atleast post some images?

                                                  As far as the wrong answer goes, I do not know how to "unanswer" a post.
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                                            Anna Wood
                                            You can post jpg, png plus a few other image files directly. Anything else, zip into an archive and upload the zip file. You must upload the file first, then after it is uploaded select from your list of files and attach the file to you post.