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Drawing and sheet format templates

Question asked by Eddie Cyganik on Jan 8, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2008 by supreet banaji

The best place to share just about anything is on a network drive. Such is the case for Drawing Templates & Sheet Formats. Once a drawing has been created, the template becomes part of the drawing file. There are not any links to worry about as far as overhead is concerned.

As far as Drawing Templates & Sheet Formats not always saving, well, I've never had the problem with any version or SP of SolidWorks. Be sure you have write access for changes and once the changes have been made, change all of your templates (parts, assemblies & drawings) to read only.

One question; Do all users have access to the same printers? Drivers? Do all users have Admin Priviledges to their own computers.
These are the only problems I can think of as far as settings not being retained. Again, never had these problems.

One other thing, you mention keeping your templates & sheet formats in the same location. We do not. There is a file location for Document Templates and another for Sheet Formats.