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Hiding / Removing a Plane Manipulator C#

Question asked by Yc Lim on May 25, 2016



I can't seem to hide a Plane Manipulator that i"ve created. Creation of the manipulator works fine and i do it like this. 

           mManipulator = (Manipulator)swModelViewMgr.CreateManipulator((int)swManipulatorType_e.swPlaneManipulator, mPlaneHandler);

           mPlaneManipulator = (PlaneManipulator)mManipulator.GetSpecificManipulator();


     ... various settings in between.. 

            // Show the plane with the manipulator




=== To hide the manipulator i should just need to call this.




===However, it does nothing, the only way i can get the manipulator to go away is the do the following.


            // !hack! apparently the only way to force the manipulator to disappear.

            mPlaneHandler = null;

            mManipulator = null;

            mPlaneManipulator = null;



It seems very wrong that GC.Collect is required to be called in order to get the manipulator to go away immediately, when Remove is all that should be required. Am I missing something here?