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PropertyManagerPageSelectionbox and Selections

Question asked by Yc Lim on May 25, 2016


When i create a PMP with a PropertyManagerPageSelectionbox, the default selection functionality in Solidworks appears to not beworking.  I want to be able to allow the user to select a plane and then for the Macro create a sketch on to the selectedplane.  Without the PropertyManagerPageSelectionbox everything appears to work but with the selectionbox, even with the Plane selected, Edit Sketch prompts for a plane to be selected.






Without the SelectionBox, everything appears to work correctly as before.  I can work around this by just using my own .Net controls to mirror the functionality but that would be a poor workaround.  Am i missing something there?  I'm doing this in the UI not even with scripts as a sanity test.


Also I'm not sure how it is best to get the selected object from the PropertyManagerPageSelectionbox,  I couldn't find a nice sample anywhere.  The way below is what I came up with pm_Selection is the PropertyManagerPageSelectionbox entity and I'm just trying to get selected RefPlane objects.  Is this the correct way to go about it or is there a way to get the features directly from the  SelectionBox entity.




      if (mUserPage.pm_Selection.GetSelectedItemsCount() > 0)


                    SelectionMgr swSelMgr = (SelectionMgr)pDoc.SelectionManager;

                    int currentSelection = mUserPage.pm_Selection.SelectionIndex[mUserPage.pm_Selection.CurrentSelection];


                    Feature swFeature = (Feature)swSelMgr.GetSelectedObject6(currentSelection, mUserPage.pm_Selection.Mark);

                    RefPlane plane = swFeature.GetSpecificFeature2();