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Configuration not found error in drawing?

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on May 25, 2016

So when I delete a configuration I know I am not using sometimes I get an message "None of the selected entities could be deleted."

In order to delete the configuration I have to close the associated drawing and try again with no problem.

Then when I reopen the drawing I get an error message stating "Configuration 'DeletedConfigName' referred by "*Back" could not be found. Last saved configuration 'OtherName' will be used in all views that reference 'DeletedConfigName'."

This confuses me because I start (A)Front when making a drawing and use projected views from there.

And *Back is not present when I check my views in the view palette.

Also I link my child views to parent view configs so...

Where is this view and why is it using a configuration that is not the parent configuration???