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Can the PropertyManager be customized?

Question asked by Brian Jaecker-Jones on May 25, 2016

Solidworks lets you rearrange menus, toolbar, shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts. But one area that seems to be a glaring omission is the ability to modify the PropertyManger sidbar (used when editing features, views, etc.). Does anyone know if there's a way to customize this function?

A prime example of the issue for me is editing a view in a drawing. The list of items that can be changed is long (reference configuration, orientation, import options, display state, display style, scale, etc. etc.) and runs way off the page. Often I will find that one or more of the options I want to adjust requires scrolling down to something off the screen, past things list Import Options (which I'll admit I don't even know what its for...). I know I can collapse options as I want but if I could reorder the options that would help (ideally) keep every option I DO use visible and ready with a single click.

Other sometimes frustrating examples are hole features and structural members. Really, any features with more than 5 or 6 options.

Another way to deal with this might be to have display options with a more compact layout (like "small icon" toolbars) or allowing items to use 2 columns instead of single file.

Any ideas? Or is this one for the proverbial "VAR feature request line"?