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Task - Create multiple parts with serial numbers

Question asked by Donald Grunloh on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Rick Lacouture

EPDM 2014; SolidWorks 2014


At times our designers may need to pull large quantity of serial numbers from EPDM.  Our current method is to use a part template that creates a new part and assigns it a serial number (note our EPDM system is not set up to generate serial numbers each time a new solidworks file is added to the vault).  This is time consuming since the task has to be performed to generate each part.  I am looking for a task or script that would allow the designer to specify how many serial numbers they need to pull and it would then create that many new parts.

For example the designer needs 50 new part numbers.  They run the task/script and EPDM creates 50 parts with corresponding serial number.


Bonus points if there was a way to take an excel document that contains the data card variable data (example: description) and adds this information to the part as it is being created.