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What is with drawings having to CONSTANTLY be rebuilt?

Question asked by Dennis Parr on May 25, 2016

I have drawings that I rebuild the assembly. Save the assembly. Rebuild the drawing. Save the drawing. Then I go to save the drawing and it says it needs to be rebuilt. I JUST REBUILT IT!!!! I go to check it in to Enterprise PDM and that tells me it hasn't been rebuilt. Again, I JUST REBUILT IT!!!! I have some simple ground cable drawings that I put two connectors in an assembly at the locations in 3D space I need them. I then added a part file with no geometry that was constrained to one of the connectors. Then I edited it in place and using the 3D sketch I created a spline line to get the wire path (I don't have access to the wiring module or I'd use that). I create the sweep for the wire. We show the wire on the drawing in a "straight" configuration so we can show the wire length. The ISO view shows the wire as it is assembled with the wire in it's assembled path. I have three views of the straight wire. (1) Show the part and add a break (to show as large enough scale and keep on a B size drawing). (2) Section off this view so I can dimension the wire length from the ends of the wire. (3) An ISO view. Add the few dimensions I need, wire length, overall length. Save the drawing. The ISO view the wire disappears from the view and only the connectors show. The section view goes blank and shows that it is out of date. Rebuild the drawing. As soon as I save it, same thing happens. ISO loose the wire and section view goes blank and must be rebuilt. To print I have to save as a PDF. Then save the drawing and let the views go blank. If I try to print from the Solidworks drawing, I get the missing wire and blank section view. The 2D in Solidworks sucks. The reason this happens is because they don't store ANY of the model geometry in the 2D drawing. This make the drawings open slower because the must access the model to create the drawing each time you open the drawing. If the model gets deleted or moved improperly, the views come up blank. If the 2D geometry that is created by the views is stored in the drawing, it will open faster because it doesn't need the model to create the views EVERY time the drawing is opened. And if it can't find the part/assembly that created the views, they will still be there. So if an old legacy part comes up missing, it can still be created. Otherwise, the only way to make sure you can keep the 2D geometry is to save the drawing as a PDF for EVERY drawing you create. The PDF also opens faster for people downstream who need to see it (e.g. manufacturing, purchasing, the customer, etc.). I'm hoping SOMEONE at Solidworks will read this and listen to their users for once. I know we'll probably see our sun become a red giant before that happens. But I can still hold out and hope. Programmers just don't get it. Users don't care about bells and whistles, or how "elegant" the code is. We just want it to work so we can get out job done.