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When is Solidworks going to figure out how to create decent drawings?

Question asked by Dennis Parr on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 29, 2016 by Robert Weller

Simple things like SHOW PARTS HIDDEN BY OTHER PARTS has never been an option. Instead you have to pick all the parts out of the tree you want to be shown that are hidden. How about I pick the ONE part that is hiding them and have it SHOW THE PARTS that are HIDDEN by the ONE part I've selected. Instead of reducing mouse clicks, they seem to have tripled them. Way to go....nice programming....NOT. Oh that's right, your code writes don't know beans about the FINISHED product that is used to MAKE your parts. 3D is great for the design, and if you have the CAM software to take the model directly to the CNC machine. But what about assembly drawings? You don't export files for a machine to read them. You need good DRAWINGS to be used by manufacturing. I wish I was back on Solid Edge.