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10 Things they forgot to tell us about SW Install Manager

Question asked by Michael Paauwe on Jan 8, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2008 by Kevin Silbert
The following stuff was either missing from the documentation or I missed it on the first reading.

1. Network license users should not select auto activate.

2. You can update an admin image when a new SP is released. But you need to realise that the install manger will first copy the old image to a new location and then update the copy. You can delete the old image once the process is completed if you choose. If you do it right then the Installation manager will use files from the old image and only download patch files. if you do it wrong it'll download the whole lot from the net.

3. If you choose to "create a new installation" it will create a new installation for each service pack. If you choose "upgrade most recent existing installation" it will update an older SP of 2008 or upgrade 2007 if that's the most recent installation.
There's no other options.

4. No one in the known universe truly understands how to get clients to automatically update themselves when the admin image is updated. But one prerequisite is the network share must be a root level share. That is "\\servername\SW2008" works, "\\severname\software\sw2008" doesn't.

5. The SWIM is supposed to look up your serial number and only install the components you have a license for. If you are using network licensing then SWIM assumes you are installing SW Office Premium and installs everything by default. Make sure you customise the Add-ins under SolidWorks every time you run the SWIM. What a pain!

6. The sldadminoptioneditor program can only be used for adding users and groups to the users.xml file. You can't use it to change any of the other installation options at all and it only works on the default filenames AdminDirector.xml and users.xml

7. If you want to change any of the options you chose during the admin image creation process you need to reinstall the admin image or (the easier option) manually edit the AdminDirector.xml file.

8.You can create multiple AdminDirector.xml files if you want. Say one for update and one for new install. Then modify the startSWInstall.hta file to have more than one button to choose from.

9. Following the release of a new SP the SWIM may report problems with your internet connection. This may also be problems with overloading of the server at the other end. Try pinging to see if the server is responding before hassling your IT guys.

10. SolidWorks still insists on checking for and informing you of new service packs regardless of whether you have the check for updates set or not.

I may think up some more or you may have something of your own to add.

Mike Paauwe CSWP