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Weights of Components in BOM or Drawings

Question asked by Eduardo Ortiz on Jan 7, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2008 by Eduardo Ortiz
We currently add a note to the drawing which is linked to the weight of the assembly. But if you have parts that you don't want included in the total weight this solution doesn't work, since the weight or mass of the assembly is the total of all components.

Another way of doing this is to create a configuration with only the desired components, supressing the undesired components.

Another way would be to change the properties of the undesired component and select "Exclude from Bill of Material", then add the weights in the BOM. This works but it requires an additional column and row in the BOM.

What is the correct way of showing the total weight on a drawing of only a few parts of an assembly?

PART A = 20 LBS. (Reference only part not shown in BOM)
PART B = 10 LBS.
PART C = 10 LBS.
PART D = 10 LBS.

TOTAL WEIGHT = 30 LBS. (Show this weight on drawing)