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To ECC or not to ECC?

Question asked by Ralph Burns on Jan 7, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2008 by Ralph Burns
Hi -

I use Solidworks and Abaqus, and ordered a new Dell T3400 which uses DDR2-800 ram. My question is more about FEA than Solidworks. A short job will run about 15 minutes and a bigger job hours. As I'm debugging, I invariably have job errors that cause the run to abort, and one thought I have is that ECC would reduce one more variable. I want to fill it with 8GB.

- What justification is there for ECC ram these days? The cost delta on this speed module (4x2GB) is almost double. Although the best ECC price I found is actually Dell, so there would be that compatability guarantee.

- Does IBM's chipkill run on this machine with / without ECC ram?

Thanks for your thoughts, Ralph