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Routing Bug

Discussion created by Dan Riffell on Jan 7, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2008 by Kirk Jess
Just thought that I'd let everyone in on a little secret. I was working with Routing the other day and found a pretty annoying little bugger with '08 v1.0.

Suppose you have a box (or any other object) that has a hole in it. You want a wire (tube, harness, etc.) to come out of that hole. So you place your connection points and adjust your routing settings like a good little boy (or girl). In your assembly you create your route, and, man-oh-man, it looks pretty. But wait a minute, I want that hole moved a bit. If you move that hole the route will not update properly, even though everything is set up correctly. Go into Edit the route and everything looks swell, but still no updatey. CTRL-Q - no dice. Reboot - no good. Pound fists, swear, and kick your dog - helps, but the route doesn't update. However, if you float your box in the assembly and move it, the route will snap to where it is supposed to be. I thought I lost my mind when I ran into that little gem.

Sometimes I think that these issues a put in just for my own personal torture. But once again, I suffer so that others may live happily...