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Good SW to Autocad Translation

Question asked by Roy Potter on Jan 7, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2010 by Steve Uptain
This has probably been covered in other topics but I can not quite get the whole picture.

I am about to start detailing parts that have come from a designer using Solidworks unfortunately our end customer requires AutoCad files.
The originator of the models has stated that they detail in AutoCad because the translation form SW to Acad is so bad. This causes time element issues if there are changes to be made. Also if there are configuarations you can not simply switch configs to generate a new fully dim'd drawing.

Some of the problems are:
Geo-tols incorrectly displaying.
Line scale wrong.
Dimensions not displaying correctly.
Moving a dimension hi-lights problems with the dimension.
Fonts incorrectly translated.

I have received translated files and they are bad and are not good for printing and in some cases viewing.
I have extensive experience in both systems and have not managed to get a usuable satisfactory outcome to this problem. I usually have to spend a lot of time correcting all the styles to meet the customers demands, after the export.

Does anyone have similar experiences and if so how have you got around the problems?