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    Drop Test, where do I see part weight?

      Hi All,

      I'm doing a drop test where I have an assembly with a part "hanging" on another, thus creating a moment in the "middel" plastic part. It is crucial the "hanging part" have the right weight. I can calculate the weight by density and volume, but this is tedious going forward. Isn't there a smarter way?

        • Drop Test, where do I see part weight?
          Hi Again,

          Nobody knows where to find weight?

          I have another question. When performing drop test, using h-adaptive method isn't available, I wonder how to secure stress convergence? The help file states "Good transition in the mesh helps convergence. Fast mesh transition can lead to divergence. The solver checks for this condition by monitoring the energy balance. It gives a message and stops when the energy balance indicates divergence."

          So by using energy balance, the mesh automatically checks for convergence? How coarse could I then make my mesh to start with??