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Hardware reccomendations?

Question asked by Mark Henrichs on Jan 5, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2008 by Anna Wood
Hope this isn't too much of a repeat question....

I've to SW '08 sitting on my desk but need to buy a new desktop PC to run it on. My SW was WAY out of date (2001) with the PC not much newer so I'm starting from the ground up on a new system.

A laptop would be nice, but they're more $, and to get one with a big enough screen they get good sized....and in reality I probably wouldn't carry it around much anyway.

- I don't think I'll be working on huge assemblies....probably less than 100 parts
- I'll be using PhotoWorks part of the time
- I use Animator (or whatever it's called now)
- Cost is a consideration, but I do want a system that will perform well. I'm probably not going to tax a system like some of the folks on this forum but I don't want to be dissapointed either.

- Is it reccomended to use a widescreen monitor for SW, or a more conventionl shape flat screen.
- Is dual screen worth the trouble?
- What's the best bang for my $ on a video card?
- Processor reccomendation?
- I'm thinking I'll use XP-pro 32bit...sound reasonable?
- mouse reccomendation?

I've used Dell for quite a few years and been happy with them so I have a bias towards getting another one.
One thing...are the video cards Dell puts in the same as retail versions of the same cards. Seems like when I bought my last PC they were using speciall "Dell" versions of video cards. (Nvidia I think) Is this an issue?

Any comments will be appreciated,