Rich Osterreicher

Parts Dissapearing

Discussion created by Rich Osterreicher on Jan 4, 2008
'08 SP1.1
During animation Some parts dissapear..
I do not have any visibility changes set either.
While it's animating an explode, a few parts may dissapear while they are moving.
Replaying the animation a few times.. Sometimes they dissapear, sometimes they don't.. And it's the parts that are moving that dissapear..
When they dissapear, they are not visible even after i stop the animate..
The only way to turn them back on is to toggle SW to wireframe then back to shaded..
The dissapearing only happens in animator..

Also, When animation is stopped, If i zoom in (mouse wheel) some parts dissapear.. Zoom out a little and they re-appear..
That only happens to parts that have already moved in the animate..

What causes this? hardware prob?
See my puter specs.. Graphic driver is the SW approved..